We know you've always wanted a dog, cat, bunny, or other awesome animal. And now's the time friends! We are here to help you get ready for your new family member, as and as soon as you're ready to take the big plunge. Owning an animal is, after all, one of the most gratifying things you can do. Call our staff at 989-723-4262 with any questions!

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Very nice, worked with us to get a special family member added to our home. Henry, the 3 legged cat, is as happy as we are!
— Thomas Adams


They are so helpful and friendly. They helped us find our little girl Bella, and she is settling in awesomely. Definitely the shelter I would support and send others to!
— Shawna Marie Ashmore

Frequently asked questions



We have an adoption process that involves a short application. We ask you for personal and veterinarian references, as well as a few questions to determine if you own your home or rent. If you rent, we will contact your landlord to affirm that the pet is welcomed. If everything checks out you go home with your new buddy!


Yes. Our adoption fees partially cover the cost of the care our animals receive while they stay with us. Each dog or cat that is placed in a new home has been spayed or neutered, and has been tested and vaccinated for many common conditions. The adoption fee for dogs is $150. and cats are $100.


We make every effort to match the right pet with the right home, but sometimes it just doesn't work. We encourage our adoptors to bring their current pets and children to meet the prospective pet at the shelter. Even so, there may be environmental or territorial issues once the new pet is in your home. In these cases we will be happy to offer another pet or take the pet back to find a better match. However, we do not offer refunds of the adoption fees, so take the time to make a selection that matches your situation.


Download Adoption Form