Meet our friendly team!


Tim Bishop

I have been employed at the shelter since 2008. I started as a part time kennel assistant them worked up to full time in a few months. Since 2014 I have been the Shelter Manager running every aspect of day to day operations. My background consists of FFA, dairy farms, and family pets. SHS is a great place to work and our supporters are fantastic.



I grew up in Owosso but now live in Ovid with my husband and our family. I have 8 children and my first granddaughter was born in November of 2016! I started out at the Shiawassee Humane Society as a volunteer and was hired in June 2010. I
have a lifelong love of animals and grew up familiar with SHS, as my dad was the treasurer
during my childhood. I have adopted many animals from the Humane Society, and have
fostered more animals than I could even begin to count! Working at SHS is one of the hardest,
most heartbreaking, and most rewarding jobs I have ever loved. It is such a joy to see a shy,
withdrawn, neglected, or sick animal overcome their issues/illnesses thru hard work and
dedication, and to be placed into loving homes. I love working with all the volunteers and
supporters who make it possible to do what we do. While it's difficult as staff to see the dark
side of people when it comes to animals, we are continuously amazed and overwhelmed by the
kindness and generosity people show towards the pets we care so much about at the shelter.
Some of my closest friends and the greatest people I have ever met, I met thru the shelter.
There are adopters I have stayed close to that I love getting updates from. The hardships of my
job are quickly replaced by happiness when we see a family take home the perfect match, and
watch an animal walk out the building that we cared so much for. Every time the door opens
and someone walks in with a much needed donation, or the phone rings with a monetary
donation to help pay for the medical needs of an animal that person has never even met, we are
reminded again that there are truly good people out there. It's completely rewarding! The staff is
like family to me, and I love the animals like my own. It's the best place to be, and I couldn't
imagine working anywhere else!


I am a kennel attendant and maintenance person at the shelter. I have been employed in this capacity for four years. I was a volunteer for about a year and a half before I hired in. I love my job, it is a pleasure coming to work. I have always loved animals, they are my passion. I have adopted four dogs and one cat from the Humane Society. I have also adopted three snakes and one tarantula and a rabbit that have come into the shelter. I also love the bond we share as staff members. We are like a family, I love it here. I will be affiliated with SHS in some way until my last day on earth.



I started volunteering at SHS in 2011 and met the love of my life there…her name is Oliva, she is a Pitt/English bulldog mix, I adopted her in 2012. I also have a bearded dragon at home named Zilla. I have always had a fascination with animals so when I found the job listing for SHS I jumped at the opportunity! I started working at SHS in November 2017 and love working with the animals every day.

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I started working at SHS in November of 2017. I share my home with my 2yr old son and my dog Hank. I adopted Hank from SHS in September of 2017, he’s the best dog! In my spare time I love to be creative, you can see some of my wooden sign art and customizable mugs around the shelter.