Shiawassee County Humane Society
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Job Description:  Executive Director, Shiawassee Co. Humane Society

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors, and is responsible for all business operations, including management of the assets of the Shiawassee Co. Humane Society; hiring, training, promotion, discipline and termination of employees; and for establishing, and maintaining, the business organization and structure to efficiently conduct the management functions of the Shiawassee Co Humane Society.

The Executive Director plans for and administers all programs and service in accordance with the organizations mission and strategic plan in a manner to achieve optimum results.

Administrative Duties:

  1. Conducts periodic reviews of all assets, endowments and holdings of the SCHS to determine if changes in investments or assets should be considered by the Board of Directors. Presents finding and recommendations to the Board. Implements all changes as directed by Board of Directors.

Board Relations:

  1. Develop and recommends to the Board of Directors, specific, written, long and short-range plans for the development of the organization’s programs and services. Implements, maintains and evaluates adopted policies and procedures.
  2. Assists in the orientation and training programs for the Board.
  3. Provides regular and timely updates to the Board of organizational activities, programs, opportunities and challenges.
  4. Meets with and provides information on financial status, activities, programs, opportunities and challenges to the Board on a monthly basis.
  5. Respond to all requests for information from Board members in a timely manner.
  6. Attends and supervise or delegate supervision and management of all committees. Assist Board Chair in selecting qualified personnel for committee assignments, staffs committee meetings, plans and arranges meetings, supervises the preparation of notices, reports and other materials. May delegate supervision of committees if size warrants.
  7. Develops, in conjunction with Board Chair, the Board meeting agenda and distributes it along with supporting documentation, including financial documentation, to all Board members. Arranges for and coordinates location for meetings.

Staff Development and Management:

  1. Creates and maintains a positive work environment to attract and maintain top quality staff and volunteers. Conducts regular staff meetings to communicate with and discuss shelter issues, assist staff in understanding job assignments as well as any new projects that may affect shelter operations.
  2. Supervises and directs key staff in the performance of their duties.
  3. Evaluates the performance of key staff members.
  4. Provides overall control of and direction for the personnel of the organization, including active participation in or approval of personnel actions.
  5. Manages volunteer staff activities including those assigned for community service through the courts.
  6. Plans for and executes training and educational opportunities for staff and volunteers in effective and humane shelter activities.
  7. Develops, implements and evaluates an ongoing program to recruit, train and reward volunteers.
  8. Has general responsibility for all personnel (staff) including recruiting, hiring and firing in conjunction with Director of Operations.

Fund Development:

  1. Responsible for management of shelter finances including development of lasting relationships with major donors and for solicitation of major gifts from such.
  2. Manages and participates in fundraising events and opportunities on an on-going basis.
  3. Develops and implements a planned giving program with local and regional focus.
  4. Provides for ongoing donor recognition activities to all donors
  5. Actively seeks and applies for appropriate grant opportunities at the local, regional, state and federal levels with an expectation of applying for a minimum of 6 per year with a minimum award value of $2,500.
  6. Manages all grant reporting requirements when grants are received.

Public Relations/Communications:

  1. Develop, implement and evaluate a strategic communication plan including, but not limited to, quarterly newsletters to donors and stakeholders; weekly and monthly updates to Board members; Facebook page and other social media platforms; website development, maintenance and updates; media releases; and general outreach activities to network with community partners and stakeholders. Develop and implement prevention programs against abuse and unwanted litters.
  2. Meet with local organizations and community service groups and provide shelter information and solicit financial support.
  3. Attend or participate in three or more community events per month.
  4. Seek out opportunities to speak to various groups, businesses and organizations about the mission, programs, activities and opportunities to support SCHS.

Facility Management:

  1. Prepare a comprehensive evaluation of facilities and grounds, including immediate and long term maintenance needs and budgets over a minimum 5 year span.
  2. Evaluation of existing facility, design and recommend changes to improve flow of activities and atmosphere. Implement changes approved by the Board.
  3. Directs office and facility maintenance and authorizes replacement of equipment in keeping with the annual budget.
  4. Prepares annual budgets in conjunction with Board of Directors and/or Committees, development general plans to meet the budgets, submits budget for approval to the Board, and adjusts staff salaries within prescribed parameters.


  1. Directs the keeping of proper donor and/or membership financial records. Prepares and maintains reports concerning all aspects of the organization’s financial records.
  2. Maintains records in accordance with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development rules and regulations, as well as any other state or local departments promulgating laws and regulations on animal shelters.
  3. Prepares and files all required local, state and federal reports required by law to comply with operations as a non-profit entity.
  4. Oversees the organizations records of surrender and adoptions all shelter animals.
  5. Oversees records of animals brought in by Shiawassee County Animal Control and bills according to contract with same.

The Executive Director performs other duties as assigned by the Board of Director’s Expectations: the ideal candidate will have a unique combination of non-profit 
administrative/supervisory skills, interpersonal/motivational skills and a special interest in all animals. A related college degree is preferred and some type of animal shelter experience is necessary. A typical work week is 30 hours with flexibility in hours and days; some evening and weekend work is required.

To Apply:

Please send a letter of interest and resume by September 1, 2017, to: Selection Committee, 
Shiawassee Co. Humane Society, PO Box 1622, Owosso MI 48867, or email to
July, 2017